For Yoga Teachers- Why Adjust?
We now know and modern science has proven it โ€“ physical posture, how you are sitting, walking and standing affects
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Decoding Mental Illness
Subtitle:ย The No-Good Very Bad Day To preface this article, I will say, this is intended for those with mental illness,
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Manipura – the arrogance of entitlement
    I will tell you a story. Its the story of how I met a very influential friend of
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The Origins of Pain: the story of how I fixed myself
When we are tired, burnt-out, stressed, in physical pain – we are not fully present as we should be.  
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The Power of Scent – Aromatherapy Science
Did you ever have this experience?   Someone breezes by you, and you get a whiff of a scent. This
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Advice for Yoga Teachers – 5 TIPS
As a starting yoga teacher we make all these mistakes AT LEAST once – if not many, many, many times!
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What’s that popping noise!
Remember your mom, or your friend telling you – “stop cracking your knuckles! you’re going to give yourself arthritis!” Well,
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Just how imperfect are you?
  Ever since I started to practice yoga, not only the physical, but the mental – the spiritual, in the
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Spread Your Mind – Meditate without meditating
  doesn’t yoga make your mind feel like melted butter? i can easily play a game in savasana where i
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